Home is in “motorsport valley”, rural Northamptonshire, UK.

Wreckless is a Pro-Am approach to building one of a kind motorcycles for people, who like us, want a unique machine to ride and enjoy.

At the outset, our aim is try and retain the essence of the original (engine and frame at least) and re-create it in a way that either enhances that originality, or takes the bikes personality in a completely different direction – no preconceptions, just what we think would look cool and work.

We don’t restore rare machines for the purist and classic collector, quite the opposite in fact. While Wreckless isn’t our main livelihoods and we don’t have a retail shop or showroom, it is a full-time “job” and it is our passion.

Wreckless doesn’t have a house style or genre. Each individual bike evolves from its original concept to deliver its own look, balance & stance. After that, it makes sense to make it lighter, stronger, handle better and sound better.

Our background is in a love for Ducati, and generally anything ‘60’s & ‘70’s but the evolution of Wreckless will see bikes from all brands and eras recreated our way, our style.




Ever wanted to take your love of custom and unique bikes one step further?

If you like what we do, contact us to start a discussion about building your bike – we can take any level of detail supplied to provide a concept and approximate budget. There is a real need to be self invested in the project from both the customer and Wreckless, so the more specific ideas you have about what you want (donor bike; overall look and style; paint & colour; exhaust style; trick components; engine capacity; and what you will use the bike for) will ultimately help deliver a bike you imagined owning, or better..